[Lyrics RT] What Should We Finish – Jiyeon & Soyeon

Published October 29, 2010 by Kania Sekar Asih

Mworago kkeutnaelkka ireoke gin uriui sarangeul

Why should we end our love that’s been so long
Jalgarago halkka useojwoya hana yeonghwacheoreom aksureul halkka

We said goodbye by handshake like in movies

Cham useupda geuji neomu an ssawoseo munjeyeonneunde

Though I’m laughing, my eyes were flooded with tears
Nunmuri heureumyeon chameul su isseulkk a dasi mannal geotcheoreom heeojilkka

I cannot hold back the tears when I see you again

Gaseumi neomuna apaseo kkeutnae nunmul nal geotman gataseo

My heart is aching from the tears
Uri sarangi kkeutnatdaneun geol mallo hal suga eomneun geol

Even though our love is over, my heart still wants you
Dollil su eopdan geol arado ijen kkeuchiran geol arado

I know that we can not be together again, I want to understand that our love has come to an end
Neoreul angoseo kkeureo angoseo soneul peul suga eomneunde mworago kkeutnaelkka

Your hands pushed me away, telling me we have to finish this

Mworago kkeutnaelkka jangnaneurodo hae bon jeok eomneun mal

Why should we end our love like this?
Ibyeoriran mareul na hal su isseulkka ije bol su eopdaneun geu insareul

I’ll never be able to see your face anymore

I malbakke motae mianhae jikyeojuji motaeseo mianhae

I’m sorry that I can’t be the one I said I wanted to be
Uri sarangeul geu yaksokdeureul nohabeoryeoseo mianhae

I’m sorry that I let go of my promise and we have to part ways
Jal garagon chama motaeseo ijen kkeuchiragon motaeseo

I couldn’t bear our goodbye, I didn’t think it would end like this
Mianhadago mianhadago dareun mareun motagenneunde mworago kkeutnaelkka

I’m sorry I’m sorry I can not say anything else but our love has to end


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