My Profil

Published June 2, 2010 by Kania Sekar Asih

Hello, my name is Kania Sekar Asih, but everyone call me Kania. I was born in Surabaya, 12 November 1991. I’m the elder of two sisters, I have one sister, she in the senior year in junior highschool. I lived in Bogor, so my parents told me to rent a room near by my school. I go to school at Gunadarma University, I took economy major there. It’s been a while since I new student there. For the first time I felt so sad because I’m alone there because all my friend went to other university but as time passed I can synchronize my self with my friends. Now I have a lot good friends and I’m happy for it.
My hobby is watch television especially Korean drama. I liked it since I’m in junior high school. Now I’m interested to with the music or we can call it K-Pop. Actually I don’t know what the meaning of their songs, but I like it. The way they singing and dance in the same time made me admire them. So I’m very enthusiastic when people talk about Korean music and Korean drama.


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