The Smoking Children

Published May 31, 2010 by Kania Sekar Asih

A few days ago I watched news on tv and I’m so surprised with the news. 2 years old children are smoking! Yeah that is shocking news. I can’t believe it if I didn’t see the news with my own eyes. I’ll be understand if he is a abandoned children who lived in the street but this children have a family. He has father and mother and he just a toddler . I have a question in my mind, why his parents let him do that thing? What are they thinking? They child had smoking when he less a year old. Why don’t they stop him? Are they don’t care about healthy of their children? So many question in my head.
So, I think maybe that is the effect smoking in front of or near the children. Children have a lot of curiosity. They want try something new. So, they saw they parents or relatives smoking and they want to know. What is they doing? What thing is that come out from they nose and mouth? Children would see that as interesting thing so they try it.
So, parents have to guide their children about which one the bad thing and the good thing. That is their responsible as a parents. Many people don’t understand why they can’t smoke near of children, because of the thing that I already explained and the smoke is bad. As we know cigarette is a bad thing. People are easier got sick because inhaled the smoke than sucked the cigarette. So we have to be carefully about what we do in front of children because sometime children do like what they saw before


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