Published May 25, 2010 by Kania Sekar Asih

These days more and more many new disease emerging. This matter might possibly happened to us for that early on we apply healthy life. People said that healthy is expensive, of course because if we get ill us we have to medicinize to doctor, it means we have to spend some money. More than anything else if the disease is hard of course more and more expenses we have to spend. So, from now on we have to accustom healthy life, like
– Eating healthy food, that way all existing nutrition in food will step into our body and assist to launch our body metabolism
– Eat regular, that way body we will not weaken. A weak body will easy to hit by disease. easy. The disease wich usually attack is indigestion and influenza.
– Do]not smoke, drink liquor and using drugs, because of the material that found on cigarette, liquor, and drugs will only ruin important organ function in our body
– Exercise, exercise make our body make a move and sweating which is releasing toxin from our body and fluenting our blood circulation
– Drink mineral water as often as possible because can assist body detoxification
– Keep body self and our environmental clean because hygiene means healthy
By accustoming pattern live to the routinely hence will lessen risk hit by disease because our body have strong antibody for keep we away of the disease.


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